Thursday, October 18, 2018

Our Roots

The concept of roots stretches far and wide throughout the world, be it in nature, culture, community, our home or our energy. Much like many of our resources, roots can represent both positive and negative aspects of our nature.

Most often we understand that roots ground and stabilize whatever it is they are supporting.   After all roots can run very deep and with intricate patterns that branch out into many tributaries seeking out what feeds and sustains them. It is common for roots to connect with multiple root systems for additional support. Imagine the root system of the redwood trees out West.

 If we have grown roots in a loving, healthy community, family, relationship, organization or spiritual practice then we will find ourselves anchored, supported and held by these roots. However, if what has been rooted in us as a young child is negative, unhealthy, co-denpendent or hurtful then these complex root systems will need to be "unearthed" and eliminated. 

Have you ever tried to get rid of a noxious weed and mowing or weed cutting will not do the trick? Have you ever had a behavior or habit that you have attempted to change by simply "willing" yourself out of it? Much like the noxious weed, our unwanted behaviors, habits, and thought patterns must also be removed at the root level where they originated.

After healing something at the root level, it is equally important to know what to put in its place. Perhaps we have spent all of our time worried about eliminating the weeds in our yard and we have not focused on what we want to put in its place....the open space that is now available.

So, ask yourself, what roots do you want to fortify and which ones have to go? Once those gnarly roots are gone, what do you want in its place? What are the seeds you want to plant and have take hold? What are the new roots you want to grow?

I invite you to go inside and consider how this applies to you.